4 Legs presenter Emma Loveheart hits the news

Emma Loveheart has been a contributor to 4 Legs Radio on a number of occasions, most notably fronting a show with Pat Heslop, in which Pat asked Emma about her special psychic powers. Emma has a spiritual ability which gives her the tools to detect and connect with spirits and unexplained phenomena. She has used this sense to help to clear houses, in which owners felt uncomfortable and experienced events which defied any straightforward explanation. When Daily Mail columnist Claudia Connell moved to Brighton, things soon started happening which she could not explain rationally. She decided that the house was in some way ‘haunted’ and was recommended to find a home healer. She explained that items had regularly gone missing, eerie knockings on the door had been heard in the small hours, symbolic painting had appeared on the wall, unknown items had appeared from nowhere and she had suffered increasing bad health. At her wits’ end, she met with a number of home healers and commissioned Emma to find a solution.

Here is an excerpt from the August 11 article: ‘I was unable to explain the strange happenings, and dreaded coming home at night. At my wits’ end, I contacted home healer Emma Loveheart.

A former HR adviser who only discovered her psychic energy eight years ago, Emma detected my house was full of negative vortexes and blocks. She also identified an ‘entity’ — a gremlin-like creature responsible for all the bizarre occurrences. Over a fortnight, she worked to heal my house…’

Claudia explained how Emma systematically analysed the issues causing the distressing activity and, within two weeks, had effected a dramatic improvement. Daily Mail readers responded in large numbers with their own stories and questions. As a result Emma has now been providing a regular column to the newspaper, answering readers’ queries and offering specialist advice.

It all started with 4 Legs Radio…..

We hope that Emma will be on the Face2Face show on October 4. 




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