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Foxes Catering Delivery Food

Here’s Foxes Catering’s menu for ordering and delivery this week:


This week sees the arrival of December, it’s looking like it will be a December like no other any of us have experienced, but with resilience and optimism we are sure everybody is going to make the most of what will be a memorable end to the year ! While we may not be seeing everyone we would like to, they will not be far away in our thoughts. Maybe Easter will become the new Christmas next year……………

We have been having many requests that we wanted to share with you. Firstly, the truffle souffle was so popular we thought we would offer it alongside the smoked salmon souffle on the Christmas Box menu, so don’t be put off when we check on which you would like when you order. We were also asked for gift vouchers which are now available in any denomination you would like, just contact us for details on these. We were asked about Christmas eve too, and would there be a menu for this, so we have put together as simple supper menu for you. Then many of you have asked if we will be doing any canapes, we have in mind a selection that could be available and simply need a few minutes in the oven when you are ready for them,  we will send details of these out next week. In the meantime, if you have an interest in any of these please get in touch.

Here’s their Christmas Menu:

Here’s their New Year’s Eve Menu:

Covid-19 Confident certificate

Foxes Catering have been awarded the Covid-19 Confident certificate from the AA (below), which is great news, and reassuring to all their customers:

Here’s Foxes Catering’s menu for ordering and delivery this week:

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