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Here’s this week’s menu from Foxes Catering’s for ordering and delivery this week followed by a message from Nick & Karen:

This week will be the last weekly menu of 2020, next week we will just have the Christmas Eve menu and the Christmas Box Menu. The following week it will be the New Years Eve menu and then we are into 2021. We plan to continue to offer a weekly changing menu through 2021 so the next one will be on track for January 8th and 9th.

We would like to truly thank everyone for their valued support in 2020, it has kept us buoyed in so many ways, and brought so many lovely moments and smiles in some very trying circumstances. We would like to wish you all the very best over the festive season, and are sure 2021 will be so much more enjoyable for us all.

Merry Christmas to you, have a great time,

With our very warmest wishes and love,

Nick & Karen



Here’s their Christmas Menu:

Here’s their New Year’s Eve Menu:

Covid-19 Confident certificate

Foxes Catering have been awarded the Covid-19 Confident certificate from the AA (below), which is great news, and reassuring to all their customers:


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