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Programme information from the Yabber Yabber show on May 24th 2019

Rob Johnson (pic) the 4Legs Radio IT expert gave advice on the following topics:

  • Memory / USB sticks – What to consider when buying and using
  • MS Office – how to deal with compatibility issues between different versions plus alternatives to MS Office such as ‘Libra Office’ and ‘Google Docs’ both of which can be read by MS Office applications.
  • Printers – What to consider when buying and using, especially ink jet printers.
  • Free useful software applications – In particular ‘Last Pass’ which is an on-line application that manages / saves all the passwords you’ve created.

To listen to Rob talk about these subjects in more detail click on the following link:




Programme information from the Face2Face show on May 24th 2019

Tim and Pat interviewed Angela Money (pic) who talked about her involvement in setting up Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in her local area. Angela would like to encourage the introduction of more Neighbourhood watch Schemes across West Berkshire and here’s some publicity information on the subject:

If there is no Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your road and you would like details about setting one up,  please phone Angela Money on 01635 40866 or email   and she will send you some information.   With email it is so easy to forward the Police/Action Fraud Alerts on to your neighbours.  By setting up a NHW scheme it does make people aware to report anything suspicious that they see and watch their security plus they find out what crimes are happening in their area.  Neighbourhood Watch has proved to be an effective method of reducing crimes such as criminal damage, burglaries, theft from motor vehicles and anti-social behaviour.

The next Neighbourhood Watch meeting will be held on Monday 12 August at 7.30 pm in West Berkshire Council Offices and there will be a talk by Dr Nick Young on “A tour around Newbury through the camera using old photographs”.   Representatives from the Police and Fire Service will be giving crime updates.

We are currently seeing an increase in bicycle thefts, so please ensure that you register bikes, mobiles, laptops and any other possessions that you can on the website: as if they are found, the Police can track them back to the owner.  You can also purchase the SELECTA DNA kit or SmartWater to mark and register cycles and other valuable property.  It is important to get such items insured.

If you see a crime occurring, please ring 999 or 101 if you wish to report any information after the incident.  Alternatively, you can phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously or complete their online form.