What’s on 2024-05-03

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

9am – 11am Late Breakfast with Andy Westgate

Andy Westgate with “Late Breakfast”, a tuneful start to the bank holiday weekend. Great tunes and a look at what’s going on around the Lambourn valley and beyond. 

11am – 11.30am The Local Eco Show

In the latest Eco Podcast, Susan Millington from Newbury Friends of the Earth outlines the exciting plans for their new Nature Corridor in Newbury that is being launched this Saturday 4 May. And Rosie Kindersley brings us up to date with life at Sheepdrove Organic Farm, including arable wild flower and wild honey bee species protection projects, spring crop drilling and what to do if you see a sheep on its back in a field.—

This show is sponsored by Sheepdrove Organic Farm

11.30pm – 12noon This Week with Penny

Brian Quinn joins Penny in the studio this week for all the latest news.

12noon – 1.45pm Big Ones and New Ones with Andy Henly

Join Andy Henly for Big Ones and New Ones.

Andy has “New Ones” from Travis & Two Door cinema Cluband the Range and “Big Ones” from Wings and S Club 7.  Also, Andy has 5 songs and events from April across the years Try and work out the year from the clues and music and play The Test of Time

Big Ones and New Ones on 4LEGS Radio this Friday at 12noon

1.45pm – 3.45pm Face2Face with Tim & Linda Forrester

On this week’s Face2Face show, Linda and Tim talk Socks, find an octopus story, look at the life of John Lewis – and debate what happened to climber George Mallory. Music from Imelda May, the Isley Brothers and more. 

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