What’s On 2024-04-19

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

9am – 11am Yabber Yabber with Chris Capel

Molly Hall (pic right) gives the monthly update of events and animal news from the NAWT Centre at Trindledown Farm. There’s local news and event information from Brian Quinn plus the weekly look at the UK economy during  “Business Matters”.  You can also enjoy the first of a monthly slot of comedy sketches through the years which today features the perils of a driving instructor. 

11am – 11.30am The Local Eco Show

In this episode, Penny visits the wonderful 7 acre Wildlife Allotment Garden in the middle of Cold Ash to talk to Ivor McArdle and Trevor Howard (pic right).  And local bird expert Ailsa Clayburn has her eyes to the skies looking for the first swifts to arrive in our area and explains how we can help protect this much-loved but endangered species. 

This show is sponsored by Sheepdrove Organic Farm

11.30am - 12noon This Week with Penny

Steve Ackrill (pic right) joins us in the studio to discuss Great Shefford’s Flood Alleviation scheme and this year’s Newbury Show run by NADAS, Newbury & District Agricultural Society.

12noon – 12.30pm The Downlands Racing Show

With Chris Carter Brennan unavailable this week it’s Chris Capel who fronts the Downlands Racing Show. After last weekend’s English Grand National centre stage is the Scottish Grand National at Ayr on Saturday and Chris will go through runners & riders and select a couple of horses that might be worth a punt. There’s also both  competitive and quality flat racing at Newbury that Chris will preview.

12.30pm – 1.30pm Old Wild Men with Max & Tobi

Tobi’s theme this week is ‘Love the Ladies’ and Max has his usual ‘stuff what I like.’  As well as some great tunes there’s plenty of banter between the Old Wild Men, and a few music questions which radio desk operator Chris get’s a chance to have a go at. 

This show was first broadcast during May 2023

1.30pm - 2.30pm The Gardening Show with Linda & Jane

On this month’s Gardening Show, Linda and Jane tell you all about the Iris and explain how to grow plants from seeds, explaining the mystery of some of the language used in any instructions. At a key time of the year, they will also tell you which gardening jobs to prioritise. 

2.30pm - 4.30pm Face2Face with Tim & Linda Forrester

On Face2Face this week, Linda and Tim find out about Elvis, the giant croc, check out this year’s bird numbers, remember Dudley Moore and celebrate the arrival of six ducklings in their garden. Music comes from Suzanne Vega, Richard Hawley, JJ Cale and more. 

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