What’s On 2024-04-13

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

9am – 12noon The Grammys with Pete Brady

The 4th annual Grammy Awards honouring the outstanding achievements in the Music industry in 1961, were held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel on the 29th of May, 1962. Henry Mancini, Jimmy Dean and Judy Garland were the artists with the most nominations for their work in 61 and Henry Mancini ended the night with no less than 5 Grammy awards. If you would like to hear the best that the music industry had to offer in 1961, join me at 9 this Saturday morning for The Grammys. Don’t miss it.

This show was first broadcast in March 2023

12noon – 2pm Andy Westgate's Wall of Sound

This week’s Wall of  Sound majors on music from the 70s. The era of the New Wave, Punk explosion, disco, SuperGroups and iconic albums.  We’ve tracks from The Stranglers, David Bowie, Genesis, Elton John, Pink floyd, Dire Straits and a whole stack more. The Wall of Sound This Saturday 12-2.00pm

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