Fundraising at N.A.W.T Trindledown after recent floods

After the recent spell of heavy rain and flooding the N.A.W.T at Trindledown Farm near Great Shefford need your help

Trindledown Farm is prone to flooding and it’s certainly suffered it’s fair share of  that recently. Over the years, they’ve put as much flood prevention in as allowed but disaster has struck! The floods have come back in full force this January, much to the horror of their animals! They now need your help to raise much needed funds to repair the damage caused and to replace animal shelters.

You can help by making a donation no matter how small to their JustGiving page which you can access via the following link. They’ve raised 75% of what they need so let’s do what we can to get them over the finishing line:

Whatever floats your goat – JustGiving


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