What’s On 2023-06-17

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

9am – 12noon The Grammys with Pete Brady

This week we are reviewing the 14th Annual Grammy Awards held on the 14th of March 1972. Issac Hayes had the most nominations with 8 but the big winner of the night was Carol King who came away with 4 Grammys. Other nominees we will be featuring include George Harrison, Cher, Three Dog Night, Ike and Tina Turner, James Taylor, Neil Diamond, Janis Joplin and Perry Como. Don’t miss it.

12noon – 3pm Andy Westgate's Wall of Sound

This Saturday on Wall of Sound we feature the ultimate sax solo, voted No.1 in so many listener surveys at 12.30
….in 2 from 1 @ 1 a lady who had mega success even before she went solo.
There’s a whole lot more with Around the World and this week we stay in Europe metaphorically speaking and the 12″ remix from the 80s sporned two later bands. There’s also a selection from our featured group who hit the big time after their demo was given airtime.
Join me Andy Westgate on the Wall of Sound this Saturday from 12.00 – 3.00pm.

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