What’s on 2023-05-13

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

9am – 12noon The Grammys with Pete Brady

This Saturday morning at 9, the Grammys are back marking the first decade of the awards with the 10th Annual Grammy Awards held on the 29th of February 1968. Bobby Gentry and the Beatles won two Grammy Awards each and Glen Campbell came away with a total of four, making him the most successful winner of the night. Another three hours of great music.
Don’t miss it.

12noon – 2pm Andy Westgate's Wall of Sound

On Andy Westgates Wall of Sound this week there’s a couple of “belting” sax tracks from Jnr Walker and his All Stars and on “2 from 1 @ 1” two from Mr Blue Sky, Jeff Lynne. Also some hits that will take you back through the decades… from Thunderclap Newman, New Musik and The Lightning Seeds.
The Wall of Sound from 12 until 2.00.

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