What’s On 2023-04-28

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

7am – 9am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show

It’s the last Friday of April, and Pete has another two hours of  lined up to start your day, including fellow Canadian artist The Weekend as Featured Artist at 8am.

It looks like the weather is going to warm up a bit as well.   So listen to the Breakfast Show where Pete will be delighted to have your company. Don’t miss it!

9am – 11am Yabber Yabber with Andy Westgate

Andy is filling in for normal Yabber Yabber presenter Chris Capel. There’ll be lots of music and chat during the 2 hour show.

The music will include Don Henley, Steely Dan and Ronnie Lane whilst the chat will include contributions from Penny Locke  who will provide updates on The Green Weekend. 

11am – 12 noon This Week with Penny

This week Penny will be calling in from the Number 4 Bus Safari, the first event of this weekend’s Green Weekend in the Lambourn Valley.

She will be taking the bus to visit green initiatives along the valley starting at the Mini Recycling Centre in East Garston, then stopping of for a Nature Count at the Bronze Eco Church in Eastbury.

After that, she will visit a Lambourn Environmental Group tree planting site in Lambourn and then a Count on Nature interactive exhibition at Lambourn Church.

Finally,  she will have a go at identifying the trees in the churchyard, and contemplate nature in the churchyard.

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