What’s On 2023-04-08

Here’s what’s on FABULOS 4LEGS Rdaio

9am – 12noon The Grammys with Pete Brady

This week it’s the 7th annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles in April 1965. The Beatles picked up their first Grammy this year, marking the beginning of the British Invasion of the American music scene. Today, starting at 9, I will be playing the music from many of the winners of the 46 categories that were awarded a Grammy that year. Henry Mancini, Quincy Jones and Roger Miller were the most nominated, with Roger Miller taking five Grammy awards and Henry Mancini and Barbara Striesand, three each. Don’t miss it.

12noon – 2pm Andy Westgate's Wall of Sound

This Saturday’s Wall of Sound between 12 and 2 has another sax solo featuring Junior Walker and also 2 from 1 at 1 from a singer songwriter that’s been making music since the 60’s. Plus lots of great classic tracks from the 60’s to the 90’s.

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