What’s On 2022-09-02

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

7am – 9am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show

As usual, the Breakfast Show is selected to start your day in the right mood to cope with the last working day of the week. Out featured artist at 8 will help with this task. This week, I’m showcasing the Pet Shop Boys, a duo that have had 22 top ten hits in the UK. Four of them reached number 1. They are three time Grammy Award winners and won NME’s ‘Godlike Genius’ Award in 2017.

Don’t miss it!


9am – 11am This Week with Penny

Tune in to Penny’s show to hear her interviews with the participants in Lambourn Carnival last Sunday and feel the vibe of the popular carnival event. Penny will also be talking to Eastbury’s Laurent Lebeau about his new French bistro in Hungerford and to Sarah Roberts about her grandmother’s World War Two recipes. 

11am – 12noon Middle Aged Musical Musings with Owen Killminster

This programme is repeated because of the popularity of the subject. It was recorded  in recognition of a recent landmark birthday.  The show features the music of none other than Sir Paul McCartney.

12noon – 1pm Classical Gas with Chris Booth

TV Adverts and classical music have always enjoyed a wonderful marriage. In this edition of Classical Gas originally broadcast in July, Chris will be playing some of the most famous tunes that are and always will be associated with well known consumer brands. So tune into Classical Gas and find out how the advertising agencies captured the magic of a good tune. This is a programme repeated from August 5. 

1pm - 3pm Face2Face with Tim & Linda Forrester

On Face2Face this week, Linda and Tim find out how superstitious we all are and check out which county has been picked by a clever computer as the best in the land. We also find out about the human cannonball who doesn’t like flying, and the pony who has been appointed a local mayor. 

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