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Exhibitions to introduce proposed policies

A Neighbourhood Development Plan cannot be made without public input and support. The Lambourn NDP is now at a stage when input from parishioners is particularly important. An informal public update and feedback is planned during May, in which details of potential policies and design codes will be on display for comment. Exhibitions will take place in:

  • Eastbury Church: 7th May (Sat. 11am – 1pm*)
  • Woodlands St. Mary Village Hall: 19th May (Thurs. 7pm – 9pm*)
  • Upper Lambourn Jockey Club Estate offices: 25th May (Weds. 5pm – 7pm*)
  • Lambourn Memorial Hall: 27th May (Fri. 9am – 11am and 5pm – 7pm*) and 28th May (Sat. 10am – 12 Noon*)
    *This will also be an opportunity for parishioners to talk to District Councillor. Howard Woollaston.
    Eight policy areas have been identified, based on public consultations, the Residents’ Questionnaire and other surveys.
    Examples of policies under consideration include:
  • Ways to provide a balanced housing supply
  • Promoting and maintaining Public Rights of Way
  • Encouraging infrastructure for electric cars
  • Addressing ALL flooding issues
  • Providing support for businesses offering apprenticeships and other training schemes.

The Steering Group hopes these displays will give everyone an opportunity to attend, gain an understanding of what is possible and contribute ideas, especially your views on what and where development could be suggested. Members of the Steering Group will be available to answer questions. We hope to see you at one of the sessions.

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