Charity Request-A-Thon this February on 4LEGS Radio

4 Legs Radio Request-A-Thon, February 13.

4 Legs Local Radio is broadcasting a special request-a-thon event on Sunday February 13. Following a Halloween Request-a-thon eighteen months ago, we are timing this year’s event to run the day before Valentine’s Day. This time, we will be playing requests from 11am to 7pm. One of our core purposes is to raise money for good causes. 50% of any money raised will therefore go to Lambourn Junction. Who are they?

The Lambourn Junction is a Lambourn community led initiative, supporting those in need with food, household items and essential supplies.  It is led by volunteers, who ensure provisions reach those most in need, and it depends on donations to operate. If you’d like to make a donation you can do so via this link:

Operational running costs April 2021 – March 2022 (

 So, we are asking as many of you as possible to make requests for a music track of your choice to be played on local radio for someone important in your life. It could be boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mum, dad, friend, Auntie or whoever. The message can also be some words of love and affection, words of friendship, words of thanks or whatever. It’s your choice.

So, please click on the following link and then follow the simple instructions: 

Requestathon instructions

Donations are voluntary. In other words, it is up to you. Make a request and we will play it. If you make a donation, that’s even better. 50% of whatever we receive will go to Lambourn Junction and 50% will go towards offsetting some of our radio costs.

If you have any questions, just text or mail us. We will be promoting the event on our Friday and Saturday shows over the next two weeks or so. We hope the event will be a load of fun and raise some valuable money for good causes. The date again is February 13, 24 hours before ‘you know what’.  Score some points early on!  We can accept requests up to 12noon on Saturday 12th February but the earlier you make your request, the more accurately we can give you the time slot you want.

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