Local IT Company Green Machine Computers extend their Tech Amnesty Campaign and need your help

Local IT Company Green Machine Computers based near Ramsbury have extended their Tech Amnesty campaign. In February 2021 they launched a campaign to help get computers/laptops/tablets to schoolchildren across Witlshire, Berkshire and the South West.

To date, they have donated over 500 IT devices to children in need. However, they have re-launched the campaign this year to include charities and non-profit organisations across a larger area. They are working with the Newbury Community Resource Centre to provide drop-off points; where members of the public can donate their unwanted electronic devices. From there, we collect the items from the secure locked boxes, delete all the data, we then refurbish, repair and upgrade the devices so that they are capable of performing to a high standard.

Currently they have a long list of charities who are desperate for this technology. The devices they donate make a huge difference to the disadvantaged individuals who receive them.

Their goal is to support even more people in need this year, so require your help with getting the word out there. In addition they are also looking for businesses which would like to support the cause by hosting one of their locked-boxes at their premises.

If you can help or would like more information about this project, please email Natalie Barnard King at the following address: natalie.king-barnard@greenmachinecomputers.com

Alternatively you can give Natalie a call on 01672 520133


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