Singer / Songwriter Kate Sloan’s winning composition for the 4LEGS Radio ‘Lockdown Hero Awards’

4LEGS Radio owe a HUGE thanks to the talents of local singer / songwriter Kate Sloan for creating some fantastic jingles and promotional tunes for us.

Kate recently composed a piece of music for our ‘Lockdown Hero Awards’ which were recently launched.  Consequently we are pleased to announce that Kate has won a competition / prize herself for the piece music from The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (GISC).  The winning prize was for them to provide  Kate with a professional video and post it on their company site at ‘SongandMediaVideos.’ It’s a fabulous piece of music and you can listen to it here which includes an inspiring video:

You can also listen here to the fantastic 4LEGS Radio Jingles and promotional  tunes Kate’s produced for us over the past 3-4 years and they are accompanied by an entertaining video with photos:

Listen here to the recent interview with Kate Sloan during the Yabber Yabber show on 23rd July where she talks to Chris about her winning composition for the ‘Lockdown Hero Awards’ music :

3 thoughts on “Singer / Songwriter Kate Sloan’s winning composition for the 4LEGS Radio ‘Lockdown Hero Awards’”

  1. Kate has a fantastic untapped talent, her jingles are witty, inventive, interesting & uplifting they always put smile on my face.

  2. I have listened several times to Kates recording and must state it is very emotional, the video is first class, all Kates work is exceptional, she works very hard doing her music. She deserves to win this award. Good
    Luck Kathryn and well done.

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