What’s On 2021-07-31

Here’s what’s on FABULOUS 4LEGS Radio

9am – 10am One Hit Wonders with Pete Brady

One hour of great music selected from the Top 40 list of “One Hit Wonders” including songs from Gary Newman, Sinead O’Connor, Right Said Fred, Dexys Midnight Runners and at the top of the list, Los Del Rio’s Macarena. Don’t miss it!

10am – 12.30pm The 4LEGS Radio new Football Season show

Join local football pundits on 4LEGS radio this Saturday from 10am when they’ll be previewing the new football season and launching a Fantasy Football League (FFL) competition in aid of the “Fare Share” charity. 

As well as the Premier League and the Championship the show will be focusing on Hungerford Town FC , Lambourn Sports FC, Swindon Town FC and Reading FC. In the studio will be Patrick Chambers, Chairman of Hungerford Town, Steve Harris, the coach of Lambourn Sports FC, plus local footy fans (who think they know everything about football…but don’t) Neil Phillips, Bob McGarva and Chris Capel. On the phone from Eastbury will be Phil Broughton and ex- Eastbury resident Kevin McCarthy. So why not join in the conversation ‘live’ on Saturday morning and give your thoughts and predictions for the new football season, or indeed why you think football is the worse game ever invented. It’s all just a bit of fun. You can phone in on 01488 859849, text 07418 310 510 (if texting please include your name) or email 4legsradio@gmail.com. Interspersed between the conversation and banter will be some great music.

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