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A celebrant can deliver non-religious versions of the ceremonies which mark the important milestones in life.   

About Unicorn Celebrancy

Most people will have encountered celebrants at secular funerals in Crematoriums or natural burial sites.  We would meet with the family or friends to learn about the person who has passed, and work with them to design and deliver a ceremony which commemorates the life of that person in accordance with their wishes.  This would include welcoming the mourners, and possibly writing and delivering the eulogy before the committal.  Of course the eulogy may be delivered by a family member or close friend.  The celebrant can help with choosing readings and music and would orchestrate the funeral. 

With covid restrictions meaning that funerals were limited to low numbers of mourners a celebrant can help with creating a memorial ceremony.  There are  few, if any restrictions, on these so unlike funerals they could be held at weekends or evenings, in a pub or place where the  deceased was happy.  Internment of ashes is a little more regulated but there are still options. 

Another area which has been hit by the covid limits is weddings.  A wedding delivered by a celebrant has no rules, either in location or words used.  It is not a legal marriage so couples would still need to attend a registry office to sign the forms but this could be done in a short appointment with 2 witnesses for under £200, any working day. Or you may just choose a “commitment” ceremony.  The wedding can then take place anywhere, a wood, a garden, on the beach, on a farm, the only limit is your imagination.  You could hold your wedding on horseback at the top of the gallops if that is what you want.  A celebrant will write a ceremony which reflects the couples’ relationship and can include anything which is important to them,  lyrics of a favourite song or  quotes from a favourite film.  Rituals such as ring-warming, handfasting or sand-ceremonies can also be included.  Friends and family can have roles.   So this is often a perfect choice when families are being blended, or if the couple want to include elements from different cultures and backgrounds. Vows can take any form and include promises relevant to the couple, eg “I promise not to leave wet towels on the bathroom floor”  or “I promise to always protect you from spiders”  The celebrant can help  write these!      

For some people events of recent years have led them to consider a vow-renewal ceremony.  Again, like a celebrant-led wedding there are no rules and the only limit is your imagination. 

Many  families have missed out on the celebrations of new arrivals,  a baby-naming ceremony, a non-religious version of a christening, is an option a celebrant can help with.  A lovely opportunity for a family get -together to introduce a new (or not so new) arrival. Again there are no rules so a garden, or house, social club or pub can host. 

Other ceremonies can also be arranged to celebrate for example; adoptions, gender-reassignment, or divorces.  Pet funerals are also something a celebrant can do. 

For more information about the service Unicorn Celebrancy you can either email Tina Banyard at:  unicorn.celebrancy@aol.com or contact her on mobile number: 07788582071

About Tina Banyard, founder of Unicorn Celebrancy

“I came into celebrancy quite gradually. Sadly I have reached the age where I find myself attending more funerals than I would like, and felt that I would like to write ceremonies which truly and compassionately reflected the life of the person who has passed, tell their life stories and allow their friends and family to remember and celebrate the contribution that person made to their own lives.  As an amateur I wrote a few eulogies and conducted my mother’s funeral so it seemed natural to make this my career” 

“I love talking to people and finding out about the fascinating lives other people have led,   my natural state is sonder and I want to hear and share those stories”  

You can listen to Chris Capel’s interview with Tina Banyard who’s the founder of Unicorn Celebrancy during the Yabber Yabber show on Friday 11th June. Just click on the link below and the interview is about 1 hour 30 minutes into the show: 

Yabber Yabber show with Chris Capel – 11th June 2021 by 4legsradio | Mixcloud

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