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Author Debbie Daley was a guest on last week’s Yabber Yabber show (Friday 28th May) when she talked about her latest children’s books, the process she uses for her creative writing, why she self publishes and the ups and downs of being an author.

You can listen to the interview via the link below.

Here’s details of Debbie’s book offerings and where to obtain them. 

The Long Ears Legacy currently consisting of *three books. Prices in Paperback:
The Harp of Elvyth – £7.99
The Dragon Flyers – £8.99
The Light Knights – £8.99
The paperbacks are available from Amazon (in all countries but only in English), (Debbie’s publisher), and via ordering from all book sellers. 
*Book 4 will hopefully be published in time for Christmas 2021.
Look out for details of this summer’s children’s writing competition when the winners will receive all three of Debbie’s books that make up the ‘Long Ears Legacy’
Debbie’s other books
Christmas in Elvedom – £4.50 (only from Amazon)
A Grave Affair (A ghostly murder mystery) for young adults (12 -17) – only currently available on Kindle (plans for a paperback version later this year).
All of Debbie’s books are available on Kindle and more information is available on her website: 
Her Facebook page is LongEarsLegacy.1  Instagram is longearslegacy or Twitter is @LongEarsLegacy

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