What’s On 2021-04-30

Here’s what’s on Fabulous 4LEGS this week

7am – 9am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show

Two hours of great ‘get up and go’ music. This week, following the news at 8, our featured Artist of the Week is Spandau Ballet. Don’t miss it!

9am – 12noon Yabber Yabber with Chris Capel

This week, Chris interviews the new High Sheriff of Royal Berkshire, an interview originally scheduled for last week. Mr Willie Harley Russell will talk about his role, what that means to Lambourne Valley and the history of the High Sheriff. Chris will also chat to Heidi Leyshon from Sovereign Housing about their kickstart programme. Plus another informative audio and part two of the new ‘where are they now’ feature. 

12noon - 12.30pm Downlands Racing with Pat Murphy

Pat and Chris will look back at the racing news and highlights over the last week and provide an insider’s guide to the prospects for this weekend. 

12.30pm – 1.30pm This week with Penny

This week, Penny talks to Rhona Wilkins from Paws4Transformation about how dog owners can help their four legged friends with anxiety, especially as lock-down eases and owners start going back to work.

Penny also talks to Caroline Dallas from Luna Boutiques about their local retail success story, exciting times ahead at Newbury Parkway and what to wear when you are socialising al-fresco!


1.30pm - 2.30pm Pop Quizzical with Tim Stutt

Tim will present another of his challenging and distinctive pop quiz shows, where he plays a wide range of music and challenges listeners to see how many points they can earn.  

2.30pm - 4.30pm Face2Face with Tim & Linda Forrester

On Face2Face this week, Tim and Linda play TV critics, check out what a singing President is up to, celebrate Sir Anthony Hopkins’ Oscar and consider whether to put jam or cream first on their scones. 

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