Would you like to help people with speech difficulties due to strokes and other conditions?

During the Yabber Yabber show on February 5th Chris interviewed Judy King (pic) who’s a volunteer at Newbury Speakability and West Berkshire Speakability. Judy and the rest of the volunteers do a fantastic job working with people who have speech difficulties due to strokes and other conditions. Here’s some information about what they do: 

We are meeting every Monday at 10am via Zoom – everyone welcome.

Normal meetings are currently suspended due to Coronavirus. Further developments and decisions might follow according to government instructions.

You can find out more Coronavirus information from the Stroke Association.

We are fundraising to buy extra laptops so that we can include more people on Zoom. If you want to see details of the project, or make a donation, find our project on the Good Exchange.

People with Aphasia from Newbury, West Berkshire and surrounding areas are welcome in our group. We will help you to build your confidence, develop new skills, make new friends and practice speaking. 

Aphasia affects people in different ways. Many of our group have difficulties with speaking, understanding speech, reading, writing, numbers, dealing with money and telling the time. It doesn’t affect their intelligence. They think in the same way as everyone else but are unable to communicate their thoughts easily. 

We spend the first part of each meeting saying hello to each other. We have a topic for the meeting – wear a hat, tell us about your favourite pet for example – that we discuss. The meeting lasts for 45 minutes. There is an option to stay longer for people who want Speech Therapy. 

Judy and the team are always on the lookout for more volunteers so if you would like to get involved here’s how to contact Judy:

Judy King
07881 621239


To listen to Chris’s interview with Judy click on the following link. The interview starts at approximately 1 hour 15 minutes into the recording:

Yabber Yabber show with Chris Capel – 5th February 2021 by 4legsradio | Mixcloud

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