What’s On 2020-07-24

So here’s Friday’s Fabulous 4LEGS Radio schedule. Enjoy!

7am – 9am The Pete Brady Brady Breakfast Show
Another two hours of great sound to start off your Friday. Plus, the featured band this week at 8am is Dire Straits. Don’t miss it!


9-11am Yabber Yabber with Chris Capel
As Chris is still away this week you will have a chance to listen to a couple of conversations previously broadcast on the Yabber Yabber show.

First broadcast on the 12th Of October in 2018, we have Chris chatting to the wonderful George Bodman, who’s lived in Lambourn all his life. George recalls many characters and stories from The Valley in years gone by. A must listen.

Broadcast on the 17th Of February this year, Chris’s second guest is Alan Harding (pic) who’s an amateur artist, and in particular likes using the medium of watercolour. How did this passion and talent come about? I’m sure that and other questions will be answered during the interview


11am-12noon This Week with Penny 
This week Penny’s neighbour Hilary Reem gives a tour of her inspiring vegetable garden in East Garston. Hillary has been gardening for an incredible 62 years and manages to live off her produce nearly all year round. Stay tuned for some of Hilary’s insights into growing tomatoes, beans, herbs, spinach, carrots, marrows, asparagus, globe artichoke and lots more.

This is followed by a short story, “Just Keep Walking”, written and read by Brial Quinn. A young man on the fringes of the criminal world vows to turn his back on his old life and make a fresh start. That very day he happens to find himself in a situation where he can do a stranger a good turn – what could possibly go wrong?


12noon-1.00pm Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns 
Suzi chats to Lambourn’s representative on the West Berks Council, Howard Woollaston. Holding the portfolio for Public Health and Wellbeing Howard is challenged by Suzi on the help available to Lambourn Valley residents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Suzi highlights the void filled by volunteers in meeting the Valley’s needs.



1pm-2pm The Gardening Show with Linda and Jane
This week the gardening gurus Linda and Jane are back. They are talking wedding flowers, filling the gaps, and what has gone right and wrong during lockdown. That includes recycling, making ther own compost and pesky pests.


2pm – 4pm Face2Face with Linda &Tim Forrester
Linda and Tim investigate ‘voices’ this week. Who has the most popular voice in the country? Which dialects are the hardest to understand and which words are most easily misunderstood, especially in lyrics? Additionally, we listen to some great singing voices and some of the earliest recordings in history.


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