What’s On 2020-05-23

Here’s this Saturdays’ Fabulous 4LEGS Radio schedule. Enjoy!

9am – 11am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show
Having played all the No. 1 songs from the 1970’s over the past few weeks, it’s time to hear the hits that didn’t quite make it to No. 1 in 1970. Don’t miss it!




11am – 1pm Yabber Yabber with Chris Capel
As it’s Mental Health Awareness week and Chris has taken the opportunity to talk to Hannah Mead (pic) who’s a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP). Chris will be asking Hannah a number of questions which in the main will be related to the Corona Virus and the impact it’s having or could have on our mental well being. Hannah is happy to take questions on the phone, by text or email if people would like to get in touch during the discussion.  In addition Chris will be playing another clip from a classic TV / Radio Comedy show. Plus there’ll be more useful audio clips on differing topics and he’ll be playing his brand of music.


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