Two worthy young winners of the Trindledown Art Competition

4LEGS Radio was delighted to interview 2 of the winners of the Trindledown Art Competition. The competition was open to children from the age of 0yrs – 16yrs with the subject matter being pets or animals Kimi Weck won the 10yrs – 16 yrs age group category with this stunning picture of a Coy Carp that he produced using colouring pencils and pens. Kimi (right) has Coy Carp in his garden pond at home and thought a picture of this type of fish would make for a colourful entry. He’s certainly not wrong there.

Oscar Angus won the 5yrs – 9yrs age group with this wonderful watercolour  of a Blue Whale.  Oscar (left) enjoys art and he’s worked with a number of different mediums.  You can see from this wonderful picture that he’s got a real talent.



Both Kimi and Oscar received some great prizes including pocket money, an Easter Egg, and their work will be exhibited in the Wantage Art Gallery.

To listen to the entertaining interviews click play on the following:

Kimi is interviewed about 30 minutes into the recording and Oscar about 52 minutes:





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