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With the nation spending more time at home than ever before due to the national lockdown, pet owners are starting to notice a marked difference in their furry friends’ demeanour and general happiness. Dog owners say their four-legged friends are much happier with the increased attention, whereas cat owners suggest the opposite is true. So, how can we best make sure all of our animals are as cared for as possible and ensure this remains the case once the lockdown is lifted? Click on the following link and then you can listen to the advice by a registered Veterinary Nurse by clicking the play button:

Convenience Stores

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) offers advice on how members can make the most of government funding and the job retention scheme.

As lockdown continues for at least another few weeks across the UK, the Association of Convenience Stores are continuing to offer tips and advice for members and consumers on how to shop and sell as safely as possible. With the government’s job retention scheme now in place and active, the ACS are issuing vital member advice on how they can best access and make the best of the vital funds they might need. Click on the following link and press the play button to listen to the advice:

The Lambourn Junction

If you normally receive help with food via the Lambourn Food-bank, we are aware that there may be difficulty at the moment getting parcels out to people….If you, or anyone you know, needs help while this gets sorted, please call the volunteer helpline on 01488 505050.
Please be assured we ask no questions and take no details – we simply need to know how many people are in the household, so we can make sure there is enough food in the parcel. You can collect from the memorial hall, or we can leave on your doorstep if you prefer.
The Lambourn Junction is for ANYONE that needs a bit of help at the moment – you do not have to be in receipt of benefits, or a regular food-bank user, you just need a bit of help…
We have food, toiletries, household basics, nappies, books, DVDs, and children’s toys.
Available everyday (except Sundays) in the Memorial Hall 11-1.

For further details click on the following link:

Eastbury Foodbank arrangements (From Sunday 26th April & following Sundays) 


Eastbury, together with East Garston and Lambourn have for some years been part of the West Berks Food Bank scheme with donation points in the churches. The recent restrictions said churches must be closed, as is the usual delivery point for those in need at the Walwyn Hall in Lambourn. Changes have been made to the arrangements and in Eastbury the Food Bank box will be available for your donations at the church door all day on Sundays – starting this Sunday 26th April. Our box will be collected by the Lambourn co-ordinator and taken to the very large centre in Newbury, where with a huge range of different foods, toiletries etc.., the Food Boxes can be made up for those in need appropriate to each recipients household. These Food Boxes will be delivered to each person`s home (cutting out queues, people meeting etc).

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