What’s On 2020-04-25

Ease your way into the weekend by listening to 4LEGS Radio.  We kick off with some great music from the 1970’s. This is followed with the first part of Yabber Yabber which will contain local and national news items including some of the more entertaining stories of the week. You can then listen to an informal chat between Suzi Cairns and a local experienced psychologist with regards to the emotional well-being of men, women and children. We conclude Saturday’s schedule with Yabber Yabber part 2 which will include two more TV & Radio ‘classic comedy’ sketches from the archives. Enjoy.

9am – 11am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show
Last week Pete played all the N0.1  hits from 1972 & 1973. He moves on this week to 1974 & 1975. So enjoy two hours jam packed with the N0.1  hits from those years. Don’t miss it!



11am – 11.30am Yabber Yabber (part 1) with Chris Capel
It’s a relaxed Yabber Yabber show in 2 parts. There’s a look at some of the stories that have been making the news this week away from the Corona Virus plus there’ll be dedications, important local and national news items, the odd joke and two more TV & Radio ‘classic comedy’ sketches from the archives. Plus of course plenty of Chris’s brand of music.



11.30am – 12.15pm Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns
Suzi chats informally with Lambourn counsellor Carolyn Carroll (pic) about negotiating the emotional roller-coaster caused by Covid 19. They discuss their personal experiences and reflect on how the emotional well-being of men, women and children have al been challenged in these strange times. Highlighting the support that is available by text or phone call, Carolyn and Suzi put their own feelings under the microscope in the hope that it will strike a chord with others in the valley.

You can listen to other well being and practical support chats via the following link:

12.15pm – 1pm Yabber Yabber (part 2) with Chris Capel
Part 2 of the show…

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