Local Charity On-Line Quiz, Thursday May 28 at 8.15pm


4LEGS Radio is pleased to announce an On-Line quiz next Thursday(28th) at 8.15pm. It is the first of three events set up to raise much needed funds for three local charities, Racing Welfare, Lambourn Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) and the NAWT centre at Trindledown.

Anybody can enter the quiz, whether as an individual or within a team. The questions are multiple choice, so you simply have to decide whether you think the answer is a, b, c or d. The quiz will be presented by Sky Sports’ Nick Johnson and will consist of fun general knowledge questions. It will last around an hour and, at the end of each question, you will see the leader board. You can call your team whatever you like. There is no entry fee.

It is recommended that you use two devices. Use your laptop or I Pad to access the You Tube site and then look under Scoopnick, where you will immediately see the Quiz visual. With your phone, log in to the Buzzerpad site and you will be given a code which you input to set up a simple screen, on which you can select your answers.

This video provides a visual explanation of how it works.

You can donate to each of the 3 charities by visiting the following Just Giving page:


So why not join the quiz, invite some friends too and perhaps you can donate what you would normally spend in the pub of an evening. Log in just before 8pm and you should soon hear Nick’s voice, providing updates on the quiz.

Please do e-mail 4legs if you have any queries.


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