What’s On 2020-04-10

It’s Good Friday, the sun will be shining and if that weren’t enough to start the Easter Weekend it’s also…. …4LEGS Radio’s 2nd birthday. Where has the time gone? To top it all we’ve got 9.5 hours of broadcasting for you to enjoy between 7am and 4.30pm. We start with 2 hours of fabulous music which includes songs from a brilliant singer / songwriter. We’ll chat to a local chef about mushrooms and how they can help your immune system plus what French delights he has on offer for the community. There’s another update on the Art Competition that’s being run to raise funds for Trindledown. We’ll learn from two different experts on how to keep energies positive at home during this challenging time plus how we can keep fit and injury-free during self-isolation.  With regards to the lockdown there’s  interviews with the local pharmacist on the pressures of the past 2 weeks and a psychologist  tells us the value of mindfulness and self-care. We’ve another pop quiz for you to get stuck in to, there’s news of what to look for in the night sky and we’ll hear the latest from the 4LEGS presenter about her extended stay on the Devon coast. There’s also local news and information, some amusing stories, jokes and course a stack of great music. Enjoy!

7am – 9am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show

Pete Brady

It’s Good Friday and heading towards the end of the 3rd week of lockdown plus 4LEGS Radio is 2 today. Pete’s got 2 hours of fab music including this week’s featured artist Harry Nilsson. Don’t miss it!


9am – 11.30 The Yabber Yabber Show with Chris Capel
Two guests this week. The first is Laurent Lebeau (pic left) who’ll tell us how mushrooms are boosting the immune system and how versatile they can be when cooking meals.  He’ll also tell us about his latest French dishes that are available for the valley. Chris’s second guest is Toby Corney who’ll be talking art and fairies plus news / information on the Art Competition that’s in aid of Trindledown Farm.



11.30pm – 12.30pm This Week with Penny
Penny interviews Andrew Spaak (pic right)  from West Berkshire Injury Clinic talks to Penny about how we can keep fit and injury-free during self-isolation. He has top tips for working from home without getting stiff or having postural problems and the benefits for keeping moving inside the house. Online therapy support sessions are available (and free to NHS staff). Also Penny chats with Home Healer Emma Loveheart who explains how to keep energies positive at home during this time. How acceptance and a tidy space can help you relax and keep the energy flowing.

12.30 – 1.30 Pop Quizzical with Tim Stutt
Another round of this very popular Pop Quiz from our Tim.

1.30pm – 2.30pm Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns
Suzi catches up with Graham Jones (pic left), at the end of Week II of lockdown in the Lambourn Valley, and hears about the continued pressures that he, and his team, are experiencing. Graham is especially grateful for the support that the team feel is emanating from residents, which makes their job so much more bearable. Also Suzi gets the latest update from Helen Noll (pic right) about the state of the Volunteer Support group in Lambourn. After three weeks of lockdown, it seems that the system is running well and some expansion is anticipated with the provision of a food bank.

You can listen to other well being and practical support chats via the following link:


2.30pm – 4.30pm Face2Face with Tim and Linda Forrester
Linda and Tim front ‘Face2Face’ this week and are joined by guests Peter Birtwhistle (pic left) and Pat Heslop (pic right). Peter provides a very informative update on the night sky, which has seldom been so clear, whilst Pat continues the story of her romance with Devon seal Sebastian. The programme also looks at the story of music legend Louis Armstrong and searches out ideas to occupy your time as well as some off the wall stories. Plenty of Easter music accompanies the programme.

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