What’s On 2020-04-03

With broadcasting through to 4pm there’s a lot to listen to and enjoy.  As per usual there’s some great music on the Breakfast show. It’s followed by 3 hours of  chat with guests ranging from a Steward at UK Racecourses, an events coordinator at the local National Animal Welfare Trust Centre and an artist / photographer who will give hints / tips for those entering an Art Competition to raise funds for the said Centre.  Over the lunch period there’s our regular Pop Quiz,  advice from a local solicitor about the government’s offering to support businesses during the Coronal Virus epidemic and a nutritionist who’ll share useful tips on how to keep the weight off whilst in isolation.  For the final 2 hours we’ll hear the latest from a 4LEGS presenter who’s isolating in Devon and a doctor from Lewisham who talks about the problems that both he and the people of London are facing during these very difficult times. There’s also cat and dog advice, local news, information, quirky stories, jokes and music for all. Enjoy!

7am – 9am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show
It’s the end of our second week of being pretty much confined to home. I hope the music I play can help relieve some of the inevitable tensions that will arise from this. So start your day with two hours of great sounds and information, including this weeks featured artist Crystal Gale, following the latest Covid-19 news at 8.
Don’t miss it!


9am – 12noon The Yabber Yabber Show with Chris Capel
Three telephone guests on the show this week. The first is Richard Westropp (pic right). Richard works at UK Racecourses as a Stipendiary Steward and we’ll find out what this role entails and how he got into it. Also we’ve an update from Ellie Humphreys (pic left), Centre Fundraising and Supporter Relations Officer at Trindledown about ‘Paws for Thought’ which is an initiative to raise money for the Centre. Plus on the same theme Tobi Corney will be providing useful information and hints / tips for the ‘Paws for Thought’ Art Competition. During the ‘classic comedy’ slot Chris will be playing a couple of sketches from hit TV and Radio comedy show’s and there’s the all important National news and local useful information with regards to the Corona Virus epidemic.

12 noon – 1pm Pop Quizzical with Tim Stutt
Tim has pre-recorded his popular Pop Quiz show so be prepared to answer questions on all music genres from the 1950’s to the current day. It’s an hour’s worth of musical entertainment as well as something to get those memory cogs turning.

1pm – 2pm This Week with Penny
Penny interviews local corporate solicitor Karen Salmon (pic right) from Marlborough Law who gives advice to businesses that are trying to get to grips what the government is offering, the timescales involved, the requirements to produce forecasts and cash flows and how to deal with outstanding debts and invoices without alienating your suppliers or contractors. plus Lambourn nutritionist Sam Silvester (pic left) shares useful tips on how not to pile on the pounds during self-isolation and offers support for anyone struggling to control their eating and drinking at this time.

2pm – 4pm Face2Face with Tim and Linda Forrester
On Face2Face this week, Tim and Linda cover the latest local news, check out current wisdom on living with you know what and search out some quirky stories and jokes. Additionally they find some dog and cat advice, hear from both Pat in the South West and a doctor in Lewisham, and play plenty of music.

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