What’s On 2020-03-27

Today’s broadcast is slightly shorter but nevertheless it’s still informative and hopefully entertaining. We start with some cheerful music and a tribute to Kenny Rogers. There’s on the phone topical conversations with the chairman of Hungerford Town Football Club and the Centre Fundraising and Supporter Relations Officer at the National Animal Welfare Trust at Trindledown. You can also listen again to the interview with a woman who cares for injured and sick birds and we’ll find out from someone who lives in Pennsylvania how the Corona Virus is affecting people across the pond.  All this plus ideas for keeping yourself amused during the lockdown, local and national news stories and the second in the series about a well know composer. Enjoy!

7am – 9am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show
We’ll start your day with the great music. Not only that, we’ll be showcasing Kenny Rogers as our featured artist after the Covid-19 news at 8:00. Sadly, he passed away in the past week, but his music lives on. Don’t miss it!



9am – 12noon The Yabber Yabber Show with Chris Capel
Chris will be providing you with useful and local information relating to the Corona Virus situation. On the phone Chris will be talking to Patrick Chambers (pic right) the chairman of Hungerford Town F.C. about the current impact the Corona Virus is having on the club and it’s future once life is back to normal. Also in conversation on the phone will be Ellie Humphreys (pic left), Centre Fundraising and Supporter Relations Officer at Trindledown who’ll be launching the ‘Paws for Thought’ which is an initiative to raise funds for the Centre is what can be described as very challenging times. Chris would also like to hear from anyone that has any interesting and useful ideas to share or if you simply want a chat.

12 noon – 1pm This Week with Penny
Another chance to listen to Penny’s interview with Aimee Wallis (pic) who has just moved to East Garston. Aimee runs the amazing Corvid Dawn wild bird rescue centre which rescues hundreds of wild birds every year. Aimee’s passion is corvids (jackdaws, crows, rooks and ravens) but she will help any bird from blue tits to chickens and turkeys.



1pm – 1.30pm Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns
In this brief Suzi chats with Dan Buglio (pic) in the aptly named town, New Hope in rural Pennsylvania, USA we hear how even the Atlantic means nothing to Covid-19 as residents hunker down just as they are in the Lambourn Valley.
You can also listen to the these chats and others that get added over the next few weeks via the following link:


1.30pm – 3.30pm Face2Face with Tim and Linda Forrester
Tim and Linda will be providing us with some ideas of things to do whilst our lives are currently restricted, including suggested books to read. They will also keep us up to date with local and national news stories and there’s the second part of their feature on the life and music of Tchaikovsky (pic), which was postponed from last week. No doubt there’ll be plenty of good tunes as well.

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