What’s On 2020-03-13

On 4LEGS Radio this week we’ve interviews with our MP, someone who runs a wild bird rescue centre and a Professor of Drama at Reading University. We look forward to the Cheltenham Gold Cup and there’s a ‘Covers’ Pop Quiz. Plus we’ll bring you local news, local sports, event information and some great music. Enjoy!


7am – 9am The Pete Brady Breakfast Show
Start Friday with 2 hours of music selected by Pete Brady to get your day going with a happy beat. The featured band following the news at 8:00 is The Police. Don’t miss it!



9am – 11am The Yabber Yabber Show with Chris Capel
You’ve another chance to listen to the interview we had with our MP Laura Farris (pic).  Laura was asked a number of questions by some of our listeners from local to national matters.  Also Penny Locke will be joining Chris to talk topics of interest from the past 7 days.




11am – 12noon This Week with Penny
Penny’s guest this week is Aimee Wallis (pic)who has just moved to East Garston. Aimee runs the amazing Corvid Dawn wild bird rescue centre which rescues hundreds of wild birds every year. Aimee’s passion is corvids (jackdaws, crows, rooks and ravens) but she will help any bird from blue tits to chickens and turkeys. Aimee is looking for about two acres of land to relocate the centre closer to her new home.


12noon – 1pm The Downland Racing Show with Chris Capel –  The Cheltenham Gold Cup
With both Pat Murphy and Chris Carter-Brennan at Cheltenham Chris will stand-in for this one hour show which will focus on the Cheltenham Gold Cup that’s taking place later in the afternoon. He will also look back at some of the great performances at Cheltenham over the first 3 days.


1pm – 1.30pm The Local Sports show
Get the latest local sports news from a range of sports within the area.


1.30pm – 2.30pm Pop Quizzical with Chris Capel – Covers
With Tim Stutt also at Cheltenham Chris will take up the reins this week where the quiz will be all about ‘Cover Versions.’  Who performed the original and who’s performing the cover. There could be a few tricky ones.


2.30pm – 4.30pm Face2face with Linda & Tim Forrester
On Face2Face, Linda and Tim will be chatting to Professor Andy Kempe (pic), Emeritus Professor of Drama Education at the University of Reading. Andy has been providing training to drama and English teachers for many years and is a well published author. Andy is now doing voluntary work for Greenham Control Tower, where he is the director with responsibility for outreach and education. He will talk about the Common’s history from being a sizeable stretch of uncultivated heathland through its time as a major military base and back to what it is now, a site of special scientific interest open to us all. Plus local events, quirky stories and wide ranging music from George Ezra to Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

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