A collection of photos from 1910 onwards

The following 9 photos have kindly been provided by Mick Dowdeswell

Lambourn High Street, c-1910 with the Hinds Head pub in the foreground (left) and Oxford Street Lambourn also taken from the same year (right)




Aerial view of Lambourn High Street (below left) in 1949.  Lambourn Engineering eventually went right through to Baydon Road. Also below is an aerial view of Lambourn the day after the tanker crash in 1953.





Below are two pictures of Lambourn High Street from the 1950’s

Opposite is Lambourn Station from the 1950’s with a Pannier Tank engine at the end of the platform






Below left is Eastbury petrol station and bakery date not actually known but most likely from either the 1930’s or the 1940’s and below right is Brown & Warren’s Garage, Station Road c-1980.

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