Useful tips for improving the performance of your PC/Laptop

Here’s a few tips from 4LEGS Radio’s IT expert Rob Johnson for improving the performance of your PC/Laptop:

  • Go through the loaded applications on the computer and remove unwanted items from starting when the computer is switched on e.g. Printer monitors, Onenote, Onedrive etc….
  • Cleanup you disk drive with inbuilt utility (on a PC Disk Clean-up under Properties, on a Mac – Optimise Storage)
  • Defrag your disk once or twice a year.
  • Check your WiFi signal and plug a cable between computer and router if physically possible.
  • If you believe it’s necessary to maximise the RAM (memory) in your machine or add a new SSD (Solid State) hard drive the recommendation is to seek professional help


You can also listen to Rob Johnson go through these in more detail plus information about Windows 7 end of support on the Yabber Yabber show via the following link:

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