Interview with Master of Wine Charles Eve

Charles Eve visited the 4 Legs studio on August 31 to talk about his twin interests in wine and music. Having worked in the wine trade for nearly 40 years, Charles can draw upon wide experience in selection, marketing, bottling and senior management roles for Peter Dominic. Additionally Charles was Director of Chateau Loudenne in the Medoc, overseeing the production of their wine and running a wine school.

During his interview, Charles offers a lot of useful tips for wine enthusiasts: Spend the most you can afford on your wine, as the duty and bottling costs are fixed. Open your red wine half an hour or more before drinking it. Try Merlot or Chiraz if drinking a glass of red at a pub or restaurant. Try Canadian wine if you can find it. And if you are interested in finding out more as either amateur or professional, try a Wine and Spirit education course through the Wine and Spirit Association.

The interview runs from about the 15 minute mark.

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