What’s on – 2019-07-05


Here’s a summary of what’s on 4 LEGS Radio tomorrow: You’ll hear about the this summer’s Lambourn Festival events and learn of some of the mysteries surrounding the internet and setting up your own website. There’ll be chat with a young man about his passion for music production, and an interview with a local GP on self-help initiatives. In addition we’ll be talking to a mother who’s an environmental campaigner as well as a teacher, and a woman who shares the highs and lows of her life in the Valley. If all that’s not enough we’ll be finding out about the latest advance in radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients, listen to another episode in the musical career of Sir Cliff Richards and we’ll look ahead to the weekend’s gee-gee action. 

This week’s schedule: 8am – 10am 

The Pete Brady Breakfast Show

Two more hours of great sounds from 8 to 10 this morning. During the week, Pete visited the new Cancer Centre in Reading which houses a new Proton Beam therapy unit – the latest advance in radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients. He was shown around by the Centre Manager, Laura Geer and you can hear his chat with her between 8:30 and 9:00. You can also hear the next chapter of The Music and Life of Cliff Richard starting at 9:00. Don’t miss it!        






10am – 1pm  Yabber Yabber with Chris Capel

On a very busy 3 hour show Chris will be joined by 4LEGS Radio’s IT expert Rob Johnson (pic) who will reveal some of the mysteries surrounding terminology on the internet and he’ll provide some advise if you’re thinking of setting up your own website. Also in the studio will be Greg Heath from the Lambourn Festival committee who will be informing us of the upcoming summer events they’re putting on


plus Morgan Wheeler (pic), a young musical talent who’ll be sharing his passion and insight into computerised music production.        






There’s also another chance to hear the very informative interview with Dr Rob Copas from Lambourn Surgery who tells us about local ideas and initiatives to help us, the latest medical treatments and perhaps how we can help ourselves lead healthier lives.

1pm – 1.30pm  The Downland Racing Show with Pat Murphy

Pat will look ahead to the weekend’s racing action and most notably the prestigious races, these being the Coral Eclipse at Sandown Park , plus the Lancashire Oaks and Old Newton Cup at Haydock.            





1.30pm – 2.30pm  Knock Knock with Suzi Cairns

Another chance to listen to Suzi’s interview with Lambourn resident Jo Gill (pic) who discovers the highs and lows of life in rural West Berkshire            






2.30pm – 4.30pm  Face2Face with Tim Forrester and Pat Heslop

Tim and Pat’s main guest this week is Christine Essex (pic), who describes herself as ‘a Mother, Environmental campaigner and activist as well as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language’. Living in Hermitage, Christine is co-organiser of Extinction Rebellion, Newbury and is a determined campaigner for changing environmental attitudes and policies. Gardening guru Linda will be on the show to talk gardens and they will no doubt have their usual wide range of music and news.    

To Listen Live go to: https://4legsradio.org.uk and click ‘LISTEN LIVE HERE’ If you missed any shows, don’t worry! You can catch up anytime with www.mixcloud.com/4legsradio  

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