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Programme information from the Pete Brady Breakfast Show on January 21st 2019

Listen to Pete play some great music which is interspersed with chat to his guest Jo Fielder from Shefford Woodlands who has been living with multiple sclerosis since 2014. Jo talks about MS and, in particular, her involvement with the Lambourn branch of Riding for the Disabled and what it means to her.

Programme information from the Yabber Yabber Show on January 21st 2019

Keith Miller who’s passionate about flying. From model aircraft and drones to the real thing Keith has flown them all. So for anyone interested in taking up flying as a hobby listen to Chris’s conversation with Keith who’s enthusiasm on the subject has no bounds.

Keith is secretary, treasurer and membership secretary for Skylarks Model Flying Group.  For anyone interested in joining Skylarks there’s a one off joining fee of £50 then £10 per month by standing order which provides you with access to the flying field 7 days a week from 10:00 till dusk, and funds the maintenance of the flying field and running of the group. The flying field is located between Newbury and Kingsclere. For further details you should visit the following website:

You will also need to join The British Model Flying Association which costs £38 p.a. For more information visit website:

For anyone interested in learning to fly microlites you can do so at Popham Airfield nr. Winchester. For further details visit:

To learn to become a full Private Pilot you can do so at Thruxton nr. Andover. For further details visit:

Programme information from theYabber Yabber Show on December 14th 2018

There was a wonderful interview with some pupils and the Head Teacher Rachael Duke from Lambourn Primary school as to how they won an award for combating bullying.

Plus there was a fantastic live session with the Lambourn Chimers bell ringers who played some Christmas Carols.

To Listen to this show again use the following link:

Programme information from theYabber Yabber Show on November 3rd 2018

Karen Sperrey spoke of the exhibition in All Saints Church East Garston which is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. It’s free of charge and takes place on Saturday 10th November from 11.30am – 4.30pm and again on Sunday 11th November from 10am – 4.30pm. Teas, coffees and biscuits are available. If anyone has any photos or artefacts from the First World War that they would be happy to display in the exhibition then use the ‘send us an email’ on the following East Garston Parish Council website: 

Lambourn Parish Councillor Deborah Phillips confirmed that the creation of a Lambourn Neighbour Development plan had been given the go-ahead during a public vote at the Memorial Hall in Lambourn on 30th October. Deborah said there’s still a lot of work to be done to produce and finalise the plan and they are looking for volunteers to help with the process of putting the plan together. If anyone is interested they should contact the Lambourn Parish Council clerk Karen Wilson who is in the Parish Council Office at the Memorial Hall between 9am and 12 noon Monday – Thursday.

Programme information from the Forrester and Allen Show October 5th 2018

On October 5 Forrester and Allen had a visit from Hannah Richards, Berkshire Community Fundraiser for Sue Ryder, who provide palliative, neurological and bereavement support nationally. Hannah made a huge impact on everybody with her overwhelmingly upbeat attitude and unwavering support of the positive role of hospices. Hannah is regularly out in the community supporting and sometimes initiating local efforts to raise money for the charity. Hannah also spoke movingly of her love for her mum, who provided such a strong role model in her upbringing. See Sue Ryder

We also spoke to Simon Parsons and Richard Deadman about their roles in the supply of equipment to help the hard of sight. Simon is Regional Development Manager for British Wireless for the Blind, who have operated since 1928. His organisation work with Roberts to produce state of the art radio equipment specially made for the visually impaired. Anybody registered blind or partially sighted receiving means tested benefit qualifies for the provision of equipment free of charge. Richard is visually impaired himself and works for Berkshire Vision, visiting homes to set up the kit or responding to queries and providing experienced guidance. They work together to provide a service which can make so much difference to the quality of life of those battling sight loss. See Their website for more information

Listen Again at Listen again

Programme information from the Yabber Yabber Show on Friday 13th October 2018
If you didn’t get a chance to Listen Live to the interview with the wonderful George Bodman during the Yabber Yabber show I highly recommend you Listen Again. George has lived his entire 89 years in Lambourn in the same house and as he explains ‘in the same bed!’ George’s tells stories of life in the Lambourn Valley over the past 70+ years.  To Listen Again click on the link below and lick the play button. George’s interview is about 45 minutes into the show. Enjoy:
Programme information from the Forrester & Allen Show on Friday 28th September 2018
The Forrester and Allen show had two lovely guests on Friday (September 28). First of all, we welcomed Davina Nicholson, Clinical Lead of Time to Talk. This Newbury based(there is now an additional Lambourn based counsellor) charity offers help for young people(aged 14-24) seeking counselling. Contact can be made in person, by phone or by email and details can be found on At the first appointment, an initial analysis is made and this is usually followed by up to a dozen free, confidential evening counselling sessions with professionals. Subjects covered can be anything at all but often include relationships, depression, exam worries, leaving school and drugs.The second guest was Ivone Turnbull, senior archivist at the Berkshire Record Office. This office in Reading houses the archives of the Royal County of Berkshire and makes them available for visitors to research. Documents include the records of public authorities like councils, hospitals and courts. Researchers can visit by pre arrangement or phone or e mail specific requests, for which there will be a time based charge. Details can be found on

Programme information from the Forrester & Allen Show on Friday 21st September 2018

Our guests on Friday 21st September 2018 were Kathryn Dundas, co-ordinator of Eight Bells for mental health, Ed Gairdner, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Good Exchange and Phil Wood, local historian and archivist. Ed was our first guest and explained how The Good Exchange offers an automated matching system between grant makers and donors. The Good Exchange are wholly owned by Greenham Trust and Ed’s mission is to ensure that funds reach the charities that need them. He sees the future as increasingly technology led and believes the 3rd sector needs changing and more effective and efficient  processes introduced. Go to for more information.
Kathryn, who came with Rachel, works for Eight Bells, a charitable organisation in Newbury which supports people affected by mental health issues. They offer a drop in centre which is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm. They are a member led organisation and welcome anybody who has had a mental health issue. Activities offered include art, healthy living classes and music and they now have a therapy dog who is a popular visitor. Eight Bells welcome volunteers, for instance to help with lunches. Find out more on  

Programme information from the‘Yabber Yabber ‘
Show on Friday 21st September 2018

Listen to Chris talk to Pete Brady the former Radio1, Radio London DJ and Magpie presenter.

Pete talked at great length about the Heads2gether support group he formed for those people that are suffering with head and neck cancer. If you’d like to know more about the support group you can do so via the following website: To find out about the venues, times and dates for the support group meetings you can do so at or you can contact Pete directly at the following email address:

Pete also took a brief look back at his  broadcasting career

Programme information from the‘Forrester & Allen’
Show on Friday 14th September 2018

The guests on the Forrester and Allen Show on September 14 were Claire Struthers-Semple, co-founder of the Newbury City Arts and Maddy Adams, team leader in the Thames Area Flood Resilience department of the Environment Agency.Claire has started a community arts hub at Hampton Road, Newbury. The objective is to build community interaction through the arts. Classes, workshops, displays, events and plenty of coffee are all on offer. Visit for details.

Maddy’s Environment Agency team looks after the regional flood warning service, incident management and community resilience.The flood warning service is a free service to let people know when their house or business is at imminent risk of flooding, so they can take any necessary actions to protect themselves, their family and pets, and their property. To help with this, the team spends time with at-risk communities to help them understand their flood risk and prepare a plan of what to do when they receive a warning. See for more detail. You can LISTEN AGAIN to the show HERE

Programme information from ‘Yabber Yabber’ Show on Friday 14th September 2018

Derek Child talked about the U3A (University of the Third Age) and how retired people can take part in numerous activities. Annual membership for a single person is £16 and a couple £20. For more information about the U3A and to complete an on-line membership form click on either of the following two links depending if you are interested in either the U3A for Hungerford or Newbury:



To listen to Derek Child’s interview click on the following link and then click the play button. Derek’s interview is about an hour and ten minutes into the show:

YabberYabber with Derek Child

Programme information from ‘This Week with Penny’
Show on Friday 14th September 2018

Watch the following video of the EA carrying out the Eastbury fish rescue before the river dried up

Programme information from ‘The Forrester & Allen Show’
Show on Friday 7th September 2018

The Guests this week were Grace Ryder from Home Start and Paul Allen talking about his condition Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS).Being a parent, whatever your situation, can be very challenging, especially when children are young. Many parents feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the stresses of family life. For some parent’s it’s a struggle because they are also coping with issues such as post-natal depression, their or their child’s illness or disability, isolation or multiple births. That’s when parents need support.That’s when Home-Start West Berkshire can help. A carefully selected volunteer, who has parenting experience, can visit regularly and offer emotional and practical support. This friendly parent-to-parent support is a simple yet effective way of enabling families to get back on track.

Our own Paul Allen then talked about his condition Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and how it affects him.


Programme information from ‘Yabber Yabber’
Show on Friday 7th September 2018

Chris’s main guest was IT expert / professional Rob Johnson with the first of a monthly slot on the subject of Technology: This week’s topic was to explain the meaning of the following acronyms, terms and jargon words you regularly hear:

.• BandwidthThe capacity of a link (usually onto the internet). Think of this like a water pipe. The bandwidth is the amount of water delivered in one second. Bandwidth is the amount of data delivered in one second. This is the speed guide given by Internet Providers when you sign up to their services.
BrowserThis is the software you use to look at (or surf) the internet. It could be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge
CookiesA tiny piece of code placed onto your computer by a website to track the time/date/length of stay etc on that website.
• The CloudThe SEXY word for The Internet
• EncryptionThe method of securing sensitive data from prying unauthorised individuals Using computer algorithms to scramble the data.
• Ethernet / FibreThe type of cables used to connect computers together.
• FirewallA function of the broadband router to prevent hacking attacks entering from the internet. Also for businesses, specific network Firewall devices are installed with advanced functions.
• Gig and MegUnit of measurement within the computer industry. A Gigabyte being a certain number of Megabytes and a Megabytes being a certain number of Kilobytes. (1024 originally but increasingly referred to as 1000 of each)•
• https – This refers to websites and indicates when your connection to that website is secure for interference from external forces. It is seen in the address bar at the top of your Browser window and should always be present when doing online banking or other sensitive account work. If it isn’t then we suggest don’t use that website.
• HyperlinkThis mainly refers to websites but may also appear in emails. It is basically a word on a page which you can click on to take you to a website page. Indicated by you cursor turning from an arrow to a pointing finger. Essentially the Word is hiding the complicated address link underneath it.
• IPInternet Protocol. The language of computer networking. Normally associated with the term “IP address” which is your unique address on the internet network where your computer sits.•
• Malware (and other common virus terms e.g.Trojan Horse)Malware is now the most common form of infection for your computer. Whereas a virus will cause damage, malware is designed to steal information, control aspects of your computer and various things that the person using the computer will be unaware of and doesn’t really want happening.
• MemoryNot to be confused with hard disk storage. Memory is the computers working capacity whilst you are using it. Our analogy would be sitting at a desk. The area in front of you to spread your papers out during the day would be the MEMORY. But at the end of the day you clear all the papers away into the drawers which would be HARD DISK STORAGE
• OS (Operating System)This is best described as Windows for Microsoft and MacOS for Apple. It is the software that makes the computer work when you switch it on. It is not to be confused with the applications that you then start using after the Operating System has started.
• Plug and PlayThis is the mechanism by which your computer automatically detects and sets up the devices you plug into it. Meaning you don’t have to worry about the way the devices speak to each other.
• ProtocolThe language computers and other devices use to talk to each other.•
• URLA Uniform Resource Locator. It’s a website address. So is this radio stations URL.•
• RouterThe device used to “route” information around a computer network or more typically route information to and from the internet. Usually supplied by the internet provider.•
• The difference between Download and UploadDownload is the data arriving at your computer and the upload is the data leaving your computer. Upload is normally ALWAYS much slower than download as the Internet Provider know we like instant results displayed but we’re not too worried how slow it leaves us.

You can listen to Rob Johnson talking about the above acronyms and terms by clicking on the following link and then clicking the play button: Rob Johnson IT Expert

Programme information from ‘Forrester & Allen’
Show on Friday 31st August 2018

This week Miri Keen joined Paul as a guest co –presenter. Miri is the vicar for the West Downland Churches. Paul and Miri were joined by Martin Cawtte, the vicar of the Lambourn Valley Benefice of Churches. Both Martin and Miri had wedding rehearsals that day and the couples both were married on the next day. Many congratulations to the both couples. St Michael’s and All Angels of Lambourn has an interesting history dating back to Saxon times.

Martin is the trustee of the Isbury or Estbury Almshouses for residents of Lambourn. Dating from 1502, it continues with the Charity now being run by eight Trustees and still includes the Warden of New College, Oxford.

The next guest was Dr Paul Millard from The Rosemary Trust Appeal. Currently, patients from Newbury and West Berkshire suffering from advanced illnesses such as Cancer and Renal disease must travel to Reading, Oxford, Swindon and even further afield to Southampton and London to receive treatment. The amount of time and money spent travelling places significant strain on not just patients, but also their families and friends.

By raising £4.5 million and building the Rosemary Centre a significant number of patients in the local community will be able to receive the care they need closer to home, to make their lives that bit easier.

Treatment and facilities to be offered at the Rosemary Centre will include renal dialysis, day therapy unit, community chemotherapy, IV therapy and CT scanner. There is an open day on Thursday 6thSeptember 2018 and all are welcome to visit this new facility at The West Berkshire Community Hospital, Thatcham, that is going to be so important for the future care of residents in the West Berkshire area.


Programme information from ‘Forrester & Allen’
Show on Friday 24th  August 2018

With Tim away, Paul’s co-presenter this week was Pat Heslop. Their guest was Peter Birthwhistle. Peter is a regular contributor of the programme, giving monthly updates of the sky at night. This includes visible planets, meteorites, the international space station etc. More information can be found on his website Great Shefford Observatoryor follow Peter’s recommendation to visit Heavens Above. For the International Space Station times, try visiting the International Space Station all worth a visit!

The second guest was Clive Harrington of St. John Ambulance. When Paul and Clive could stop talking about rallying, Clive discussed information relating to St John Ambulance, what work they do, how to join in, their badger scheme for young children and the important role they play in sporting events, national events and terrorist attacks.


Programme information from ‘Yabber, Yabber’
Show on Friday 17th August 2018

On Friday August 17th’s Yabber Yabber show, the guests were Eastbury resident Liz Goodman and Julie Parry who’s a Pet Nutritionist from Oscar Nutritional Advisers

Liz Goodman spoke about her idea to avoid using a  Green Bin which we would all have to pay for as of September and help the environment to boot. In summary:

‘Do you know of any landowner who may be willing to do something for a small payment from the residents in the valley, to turn our food and garden waste into compost, which we could also buy back for a nominal figure, and help the communities of Lambourn?’ 

If the answer to the above is yes then please contact / email us here at 4legs Radio

Programme information from ‘Yabber, Yabber’
Show on Friday 10th August 2018

On Friday August 10th’s Yabber Yabber show, the main guest was Jenny Carter from hand-bell ringers The Lambourn Chimers

The Lambourn Chimers were established in 2002, with just four ringers from Lambourn WI. Since then then, the group has grown to 11 ringers and with the help of a lottery grant and fund raising, they were able to purchase their own two octave set of Whitechapel bells. Jenny has been conducting the ringers for the past couple of years during rehearsals and at the many local events that they perform. They meet most Friday afternoons for a ring and a natter at Lambourn British Legion Hall between 1.30pm and 4pm. Anyone who would like to join them would be most welcome, even if it is just to come and listen to them play. They are seeking a couple of new ringers due to people moving away from the area and no experience or the ability to read music is necessary. If you would like more information you should contact Jenny Carter at the following email address:

Programme information from ‘The Forrester and Allen’

Show on Friday 10th August 2018

You can listen again to this show here

On Friday August 10th’s Forrester and Allen show, the guests were Ruth Howard and Sam Headland.

Ruth is curator of West Berkshire Museum in Newbury. Born and raised in Pembrokeshire, Ruth joined the Vale and Downland Museum as a volunteer and came to Newbury as Collections Officer.

West Berkshire has a collection of over 35,000 objects ranging from Palaeolithic axes to a jumper from Greenham Common. The permanent exhibition tells the story of West Berkshire whilst the second floor hosts a series of exhibitions which are regularly changed. There is a year round schedule of talks and family events which are detailed on the website The website also covers volunteering opportunities and what to do if you have an artefact which you think might be of interest to the museum.
The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Entry is free but donations are gratefully received and help to fund new items. There is a cafe serving hot drinks and cakes.
Our second guest was Sam Headland (see pic), Contracts and Performance manager at Two Saints charitable housing organisation. Sam works in the West Berkshire section, which has been around for 25 years, originally under the name St Pedro’s.  The section provides supported accommodation for up to 63 people along with semi supported accommodation for up to 17 at their ‘move on’ service, along with a five bedroom shared house and ten self contained flats. Working in partnership with West Berkshire council and other organisations, Two Saints endeavour to provide training and support to improve independence and life skills and ultimately to help with training and employment. The vision is to give people who are homeless, vulnerable or in need of support, the opportunity to build a b
righter future. There are regular opportunities for volunteers, the current priority being to find people with practical and facilitation skills to support and lead the workshop used for building and mechanical projects. All details can be found on

Programme information from ‘The Forrester and Allen’ Show on Friday 3rd August 2018

You can ‘Listen Again’ to this show here

The guests on the Forrester and Allen Show of August 3 were Richard Benyon, Newbury MP and Grace Muir, Founder and CEO of HEROS.

Richard spoke about his life before politics, schooldays, his experience in Ireland, his views on Brexit and the NHS, his experience of Parliament, the role of an MP and, locally, the efforts being made to aid the homeless and to find a satisfactory long term solution to the problem of congested roads.

Similarly stay listening for Grace Muir in the same programme. She talks about her father, their close bond and the steady development of the charity HEROS  (homing ex racehorses organisation scheme), which rehomes racehorses by careful matching of the horses to the most appropriate type of owner. There are plenty of ways to help this well regarded charity from volunteering to charity events and regular donations.

There is a Charity Golf Day at West Herts golf course on August 30. Full details can be found on the website

Don’t forget to visit Welford Park Cricket Club to hear the latest news from them. this weeks scores:

First XI Results

Second XI Results

Programme information from ‘Yabber Yabber’ on Friday 13th July 2018

Joining Chris was Tracy Waldron from the National Animal Welfare Trust (N.A.W.T) Trindledown, near Great Shefford.

Tracy talked of the new Guinea Pig Village and Rabbit enclosures plus the clothes shop where you can try items before purchasing. Trindledown have their annual Open Day this coming Saturday 21st July between 11am and 3pm. Attractions are a dog show (which is running throughout the day) with classes open to all dog breeds and types, There will be lots of games for people and pets, a raffle, stalls, a BBQ, homemade cakes and so much more. The event is being opened by Peter Egan (Downton Abbey ) and Rosie Marcel (Jac Naylor in Holby City)

There’s lot to see and do at Trindledown so why not take the kids to the Open Day or indeed sometime during the summer holidays. It’s open every day between 11am and 4pm and it’s free.

Trindledown are always on the lookout for volunteers plus they are seeking a full-time events coordinator.

For more details about  Trindledown events, volunteering or career opportunities please visit their website: . or call them on 01488 638584

Also please see the 4 Legs Radio ‘What’s On’ page for more details of Trindledown’s Open Day

If you missed the conversation with Tracy please click on ‘Listen Again’ and select ‘Yabber Yabber’ on 13th July

Programme information from ‘Yabber Yabber’ on Friday 8th June 2018

Local Entreprenuers Colin De Fraine and Tobi Corney joined Chris on the show to talk about their drone business COBI.

‘COBI provides a professional aerial video and photography service with highly experienced and fully qualified pilots approved by the CAA’

COBI was formed in 2017. Their first assignment was to photograph Team Essence; ‘The SAS Atlantic rowers’ who rowed from Lagos in Portugal to the finishing point at Port of Spain, Trinidad. Colin and Tobi have completed a number of photographic aerial assignments with their drone since from roof inspections, schools and fetes. Their aim is to provide a service in many areas of business and public events including aerial videos of houses for estate agents, weddings, and sporting events. They have recently done some work for Channel 5 by filming the Crofton Beam Engine on the Kennet &/ Avon Canal in Wilton. This is being aired on Channel 5 on the evening of 28th June.

Both Colin and Tobi are qualified CAA drone pilots and fly state of the art drones. The drones are equipped with cameras for both still and video capabilities. The costs for using the COBI services are as follows:

  • £250 per hour for a photoshoot and the customer will receive up to 15 photos.
  • £500 per hour for a video / film. Cost includes Titles and Music plus any editing required.
  • All bookings are subject to weather conditions.

For further information visit the following website at:

You can also contact either Colin De Fraine at email address: or Tobi Corney at email address:

The Wantage Summer Arts Festival (1st June – 7th July 2018)

Chris’s second guest was Vicki Luker who gave a summary of the events taking place at the The Wantage Summer Arts Festival. For further details visit the following website:

Programme information from ‘The Forrester and Allen’ Show on Friday 8th June 2018

This week’s guest on the show was Andrew Snowdon from the Lambourn Camera Club.

‘ A club for all to improve their photographic knowledge, with friendly tuition from more experienced members.  A club formed to interest and please all abilities.’

Meetings are generally fortnightly at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening at the Memorial Hall, Lambourn.

All welcome whatever your knowledge or whether you have an I phone or an SLR.

To find out more or enrol, please contact

-or come (free first visit) to a meeting and see what you think. Robert Harvey’s session on June 19 is specially recommended.

Forthcoming meetings:

June 19                Wildlife for All Seasons                             Robert Harvey+

July 3                    A Panorama Presentation                        Nick Bennett

July 17                  Internal Club Print Competition

August 7             Practical Evening, Bring your Camera

August 21          Ballot for Print Competition v Stratton

September 4      Inter club Competition v Stratton

September 18   Basics of Camera and Processing           Brian Worley

October 2          Talk on Street Photography                      Peter Crane

+ Robert Harvey is a Chartered Natural Scientist and Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, who travels extensively photographing landscapes and wildlife.

Programme information from ‘The Forrester and Allen’ Show on Friday1st June 2018

Our guest this week was Louis and his presentation on:

The little things we can all do to help save the planet!

“Here are what I think are the three things to solve first, why we need to and what we can all do.   

We may be small but we can work together to make a big difference  

See how many of these you do already and how many you can easily do today

 Climate breakdown (aka global warming or climate change):

  • Mainly caused by rising levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the air
  • Sea levels are rising and polar ice melting – destroying habitats and causing permanent flooding of low-lying land
  • More extreme weather e.g. hurricanes, flash floods and ‘the big freeze’
  • Diseases are spreading.  The malaria-carrying mosquito will probably be able to survive in England if temperatures keep rising

Action plan:

  • Eat less meat, especially beef – this will not only extend your life but will also reduce the increase in greenhouse gases significantly (
  • Buy electricity produced from renewable sources such as wind and solar power
  • Install solar panels on your roof
  • Lift share or use public transport when you can
  • Next time you replace your car, buy an electric car
  • Collect rain water 


  • Destroying habitats and causing daily extinctions.
  • Contributing to global warming (less trees means less carbon dioxide absorbed)

Action plan:

  • Eat less meat, especially beef
  • Plant some trees
  • Support sustainable forestry – choose carefully what you buy
  • Avoid food containing palm oil – palm oil plantations are responsible for thousands of hectares of deforestation

Plastic Pollution:

  • Billions of pieces of plastic and plastic bags are ending up in the sea
  • These get broken up in to tiny pieces of plastic and enter marine food chains
  • Tiny bits of plastic are entering our bodies when we eat fish.
  • Sea turtles are dying because their stomachs are full of plastic bags
  • Marine bird chicks are being fed plastic bottle lids by their unknowing parents
  • Whale and dolphin calves are dying because their mother’s milk is contaminated

Action plan:

  • Re-use plastic when you can, don’t throw it away!
  • Try to buy products that aren’t wrapped or packaged in plastic
  • If you do have to throw away the plastic, recycle it.
  • Take your own coffee cup to coffee shops and cafes
  • No plastic drinking straws! Support those pubs/ cinemas/ restaurants that have already switched from plastic to cardboard straws.
  • Buy cotton wool ear buds with wooden sticks, not plastic ones”

Also Denise Herrington who kindly came to talk about the Under 5’s group in Great Shefford.

Programme information from ‘Yabber Yabber’ on Friday 1st June 2018

Mrs Val Osmond who used to be a volunteer with the B.B.O.W.T (Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust) gave an interesting insight into the wildlife we can expect to see (and what we probably won’t see) within the Lambourn Valley during the spring and summer. The conversation covered water voles, foxes, hedgehogs, egrets, cuckoos, kingfishers, caterpillars and wild flowers. Val will be invited to return towards the end of summer to chat about what we should be looking out for during the autumn months.

The second guest on Yabber Yabber was Jill Fitzpatrick from the Lambourn RDA (Lambourn Riding for the Disabled). The charity has recently moved to a new home in Chilton Foliat. With approx 35 volunteers the Lambourn RDA provides a fantastic experience for disabled people. They are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help in anyway they can. There are 3 sessions every week which is soon to be 4 and as well as riding people are taught horse care, how to use the tack and safety, achievement awards are given for these disciplines. The rounded experience that they provide aids confidence, coordination and communication skills.  They currently have 6 horses (they are looking to increase that number) for an age range of members from 3 to 60 years old and they also teach pupils from Castle school and Priory Court school on a regular basis. A recent success has been that 5 riders have taken part in the RDA regional dressage competition of which 4 have qualified for the National Championships in July. With annual running costs of 60k fund raising is key and there’s usually something going on every month. Here are a number of activities / events that people can support or get involved with:

  • The Ridgeway Run – take part and arrange some sponsorship
  • Garstonbury festival – the Lambourn RDA is the chosen charity for the festival and there will be a stall for people to visit
  • Nominated charity for ‘The Melbourne 10’ racing syndicate
  • A Bridge day every March in Lambourn
  • An annual Tennis Tournament using courts in the East Garston area

Whether you’d like to register an interest in joining one of the sessions or to become a volunteer please go to website: Lambourn RDA or email  Contact telephone 01488 72943 or 07798 941229

Patrick Pease from The Bruce Branch of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust was the third and final guest on the show.

The Bruce Branch provides holidays afloat for disabled, elderly, disadvantaged people & community organisations on the Kennet & Avon Canal. They will be celebrating their 30 year anniversary in June this year

Entrepreneur David Bruce founded the Bruce Branch of the Kennet & Avon Trust in 1988 as a result of him selling his brewery business. This allowed him to concentrate on this new venture, and a plough a significant some of money into developing and adapting the first 10 birth canal boat to provide self catering holidays for the disabled and disadvantaged.  By 1991 enough funds had been raised to purchase a second 12 birth boat. Two further boats have been purchased and adapted since.

Each boat has the highest quality accommodation and ultimate flexibility for people with a wide range of special needs. They all have central heating, flushing WC and shower plus a fully equipped galley with cooker and fridge. Boats can be hired for either one week or one day. If hiring for a week a trained skipper will be required alternatively a two day skipper training course is available and can be taken prior to the week of the hire. There is a separate cost for this. A day trip includes a volunteer skipper and two volunteer crew. People taking the day trip are encouraged to steer the boat and open locks. The only requirement is that lunch needs to be provided for the skipper and crew. Whether it be a week or a one day trip the party hiring the boat must have at least one able bodied person amongst them.

There is a fifth boat but this has not been adapted and is primarily used for young people to take an induction programme which is part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme (bronze medal). In addition they are also encouraged to come along during school holidays / weekends to learn the ropes.

The Bruce Branch consists of one full-time engineer and the rest are volunteers. As with most charities volunteers are key to their continued operation and success. Whether you can offer engineering expertise, are happy to clean the boats or be part of the day crews they’d like to hear from you. If you’d like to get involved two hour free of charge volunteer induction programmes are offered most weekends.

For more information about boat hire or volunteering for both adults and children please visit the following website of the Bruce Branch of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust:  For costs or to make a booking please email:

Programme information from ‘Yabber Yabber’ on Friday 25th May 2018

Chris’s guest was Fee Plumber from the Craven Hunt Pony Club.

Fee spoke in depth about the pony club and the main points covered were as follows:

The Pony Club is open to anyone and is small, friendly but is not exclusive unlike some others. Current membership is approx. 50 and the club would like to encourage more people to join.

Annual membership is £77 and there is a discount if joining in late summer. Activities take place every Thursday and at Weekends and apart from horse riding/events you can learn many disciplines including horse care and first aid.

They currently have a committee consisting of 9 people and are always interested in hearing from anyone who would like to volunteer and help with their activities and events. Their next major events are:

  • The Craven Hunt Pony Club Open Show on Sunday June 24th at Newbury Showground. This is for riders of 25yrs and under and is also open to non-members
  • Summer Camp from 23rd July for 4 nights at Wellington Equestrian Centre in Berkshire. A fantastic event with lots of fun and games for all.

For further information about the Craven Hunt Pony Club and their forthcoming activities/events please visit their website: Craven Hunt Pony Club or contact:

Programme information from ‘The Forrester and Allen’ Show on Friday 11th May 2018

Garry Poulson, Director of the Volunteer Centre of West Berkshire, was our first guest.

Garry spoke about the database of jobs, which are used to match with the availability and/or skills of potential volunteers. Anybody interested in volunteer work can arrange for an interview, at which they clarify their area of interest and quantity and quality of time.

There is a Volunteer Centre office in Newbury and it is best to phone or e mail the office to set up an appointment.

In addition to arrange of transport initiatives, Garry spoke of Shopmobility, which is sited in the basement of the Northbrook Car Park in Newbury and makes available electric scooters and electric and manual wheelchairs for those in need (basic registration is needed).

Garry also explained about two newer initiatives, a village agent service and a Suicide Prevention Action Group, which Garry chairs.

Details of any of these services can be found online:

Or by: Phone: 01635 49004/ E Mail:

Shop Mobility: 01635523854

Befriending service for over 50’s, who may have a mild learning disability, depressive illness and physical disabilities including those who live alone and are/at risk of becoming socially isolated.

Befriend West Berkshire: Simon Foster 01635 49004

Volunteer Village Agents provide a coordinated face-to-face close signposting service for people living in rural communities, and offer a trusted and well-known friendly face at the heart of the community. They make a positive impact by helping people to gain access to services and information and to continue to lead an independent life in their own homes by making the best use of existing services that are available to them.

Village Agent: Community Navigators: Gill Comley on 01635 49004

Ade Morris was our second guest. Ade is an experienced figure in community theatre, his CV ranging from actor to director and from coach to writer.

Ade has done a lot of outreach work with the Watermill Theatre and is now involved in the Boxford Masques.  This group enact colourful productions incorporating specially composed music, memorable costumes and colourful dancing. It is hoped to launch a new production in 2019. All volunteers are welcome and there are opportunities both on stage as well as behind the scenes.

There is a Boxford Masques website

E Mail or phone 07971951255

Ade recommended a forthcoming Boxford Beer Festival on June 9 from 12 o’clock at the Boxford Village Hall and Rec. A gin bar has been introduced as well as the usual beer (sponsorship would be welcome), wine and cider offerings. Local bands and DJs will supply the music. Details of how to get tickets are to be found on the website.

Programme information from ‘The Forrester and Allen’ show on Friday 27th April 2018

This week’s guest was Garry Richardson, Garry and Paul went to school together in Newbury and have kept in touch over the years. Garry has worked for the BBC for 43 years, where he started in the archives working as a tea boy. He is best known as the sports presenter on Radio 4’s Today programme, being the longest serving member of the team, after 35 years. Garry also presents ‘Sportsweek’ on Five Live and is a regular contributor on the BBC.
He has reported on 7 Olympic games and interviewed some of the world’s most famous names including Nelson Mandela, Richard Burton, Bill Clinton, Muhammad Ali, Bobby Moore, Sir Stanley Mathews, David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Murphy, Ken Dodd and Ben Stiller. On the Forrester & Allen show this week he told us stories about his work, from Oxford radio to where he is today, including archive clips from his personal library.

Also on the show was Ian Herrington, the driving force behind Welford Cricket Club and a local football referee. On this week’s show, he talked about the history of the cricket club, the ground and being a football referee